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About Us:

As a good corporate citizen, we ensure that all of our facilities are fully compliance with progressive human rights and environmental guidelines. We pride ourselves on our exceptional flexibility and responsiveness in meeting critical objectives. We remain focused on ensuring that we are the most cost competitive vendor in our market.

Product Development:

The factory we represent provides complete contract manufacturing services from C.M.T. to complete packages. They produce top quality garment and are adept at producing many different apparel styles with variety of fabrics and materials.
We control factories fully engineered apparel contractors utilizing garment analysis from cutting and sewing through finishing. Our associated factory can complete all your clothing and apparel manufacturing requirements in-house, and their production capacity is flexible to accommodate growth and shrinkage as production requires.
Processing and Finishing:
As a full service clothing and apparel contract manufacturer, your garments are fully examined, pressed, tagged and bagged in the pressing and finishing division before leaving facility. All operations are completed to customers' specifications.


  • Design
  • Patterns
  • Samples
  • Fabric Sourcing
  • Grading
  • Embroidery
  • Packaging & shipping.


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